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Last After Work Round of the Season Today - 4:30


Kevin Montgomery:
Weather isn't looking too good for tomorrow so today is the day. Won't be able to tee off after a full work day until spring. So come on up if you can.

4:30 meet up by #1 then tee off as soon as possible.

Kevin Montgomery:
It was a great afternoon for disc golf. I heard there was an ace at WyCo, but I'll let Soup elaborate on that.

Doc owned USM all season, until yesterday. Two weeks ago we had seven out on an extremely windy day. Doc took the day with a 55. Next in line was Mark Hogins with a 57 and me with a 58. Scores went up from there..... 

Last night was one for the books.... just me and Doc. He came out swinging finishing the front nine with two bogies and a birdie on #6 for a +1 while I couldn't get a groove going and went +5 with an OB double on #5. But on the back nine.....  I went bogie free -3 with birds on 4, 8 & 9 to finish at +2, 56. Doc ended up swapping with me and going +4 on the back with an OB double on #14 (5b) to finish +5, 59.

Doc's course record of a bogie free 50 still stands even though it was challenged several times by some folks that took some pretty good runs at it. The closest anyone came was Jim Sherwood when he equaled it with a 50 but he did have a bogie or two.

We have been discussing some changes to the layout and the addition of a couple of new holes for next year. Stay tuned to this thread for news about the only DG in Leavenworth and one of the prettiest pieces of land for DG in the metro.

Please remember, USM is a private campus. If you would like to throw the course at USM please contact me so we know to expect you.


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