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Parks Spotlight: Blue Valley Park

Blue Valley Park is located in the area of East 23rd Street to 27th Street, Topping to the Blue River. A park with a small golf course in this area had been proposed in 1927 but nothing was done due to lack of funds. The property contained a lake called "Bales Lake". The Bales family settled in Jackson County in the 1830s.


Known as the Bales Lake Park project area, property for a park finally began to be acquired in 1943. Since World War II was going on, little was done to the park area at the time. More property was acquired over the next few years.


It was officially named Blue Valley Park in 1945. Among other names proposed for the park were Daniel Morgan Boone Park for a son of Daniel Boone who lived in the area and trapped, hunted and fished along the Blue River in the 1830s; and George Kessler Park, for the planner of Kansas City's early parks and boulevards and strong supporter of the development of recreational facilities along the Blue River. Mr. Kessler's report "Special Report for the Blue Valley Parkway" 1912 explored development of rivers in other cities and suggested that the areas near the Blue River had great natural beauty and the River could be "one of the most useful and beautiful waterways in the country."


Following the War, amenities were added including a ball diamond, picnic areas, playground equipment and a shelter house. Also right after the War, 52 buildings in the northeast corner of the park were used for Veterans' Housing. Several city parks were used to provide temporary housing for returning war veterans including Blue Valley Park, Penn Valley Park, Holmes Square Park, and The Parade. Small houses were built in the parks. This program was over by the mid-1950s and the temporary housing removed.


In the mid-1960s, it was brought to the attention of the Park Board that there was a Santa Fe Trail connection with the property at 27th and Topping to the Blue River. The Independence and Westport Road, also called the Big Blue River Crossing, was a lesser used route going from Independence to Westport. After the purchase in 1967, it was originally called Blue Valley Park: Santa Fe Addition but was renamed Santa Fe Trail Park in 1971.


Recent developments in Blue Valley Park include a Frisbee Golf Course added in 2008 and renovations of the ballfield and cleaning of the area around it in 2009. A concession stand, built in 2009, was named in honor of Larry and Donna Van Dyke. Larry, along with his wife, Donna, organized the Optimist Athletic Association which promotes youth baseball in Blue Valley Park.


In 2010, a water playground was placed in the proximity of where a fountain had been located. The Heritage Fountain designed by Kansas City artist, Dale Eldred was put in Blue Valley Park in 1977 to commemorate the 1976 Bicentennial. The fountain was removed in 2010.


East 23rd St. & Topping Ave., 238.50 acres

Great Stuff! I love history...anyone know about the history, structures tucked in the woods at Rosy?  Would love to read it. Thanks....I will do some research myself

it is an old station for trash check in, Rosedale used to be an old Dump, and those are the buildings that you would weigh in, and check in at.  I found this out the hard way as when I moved back to KC in 1999, I kept on tyring to clean up hole #15 hillside.  After posting of my much maligned attempts to constantly find trash teh harder that I tried to clean it up......Jay Rivard was kind enough to let me in on this knowledge, and thus why I would continue to find broken glass, bottles, refuse...etc....needless to say this in turn lead me to the current trash collection at Blue Valley and Cliff Drive!  That weren't originally dumps, but have become so in places over time due to stupid human tricks of environmental destruction on urban property! :P

more history.....

the Sante Fe Trail and Oregon Trail crossed about 1 1/2 miles South of Prairie Center Park, and about 200 yards from my house.

Rick probably remembers traveling thru there on a wagon train when he was a kid.  ;D

john theiss:

--- Quote from: Tom on November 17, 2011, 11:41:53 AM ---

Rick probably remembers traveling thru there on a wagon train when he was a kid.  ;D

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BURN!  Ouch Tom.


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