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Re: $5 flea market find
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One of my many cousins, Nick Rodina, was a stone masoner. He helped build the big Catholic church on Strawberry Hill. He also handmade a musical intrument called a tamburitza for artists of the era and was written about in the KC Star. He also was a band leader teaching folk music of the Croation heritage. Another of my cousins, Ray Rodina, wrote music and performed plus helped with a kids' musical group called St. John's Tamburitzans along with Don Lipovac.
The Rodina name is in the historical registry for being one of the founding families of Strawberry Hill. If anyone visits the Strawberry Hill museum, ask about the significance.
If you see a Rodina Contruction vehicle, my cousin Larry owns that.
You may find another Nick Rodina that is another cousin that is in The Kansas City Crusaders and was named tournament director back in 2010 for the Midwest Calssic the PGA puts on. I believe he still plays a role as director when the tournament is in town.
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