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Could someone please explain how the tournament ranking or classes goes?  With Tournament (ie Tin Man's Forest) do you have to be a club member,  or PDGA member?

I am interested in Playing the Tin Man's Forest course if there is a novice/beginner tier.


Brandon Mace from Salina has agreed to TD the event.  With that being the case, it may be a little bit different from how Kevin is running Saturday's "Kan U Wyco."

Mace will generally open up any division with at least 3 players.  At most tournaments with significant attendance there should be a Novice, Amateur, Advanced Am, Amatuer Masters, Amateur Women, Open, and Open Masters.  Other divisions (Junior, Grandmaster, Pro Women) are possible but seldom draw enough players.

I don't know if $2 will be added for non KDGA or non KCFDC members.  In most KDGA tourneys so far, $2 comes out of everyones entry, member or no.  I'm not certain about this stuff, so you should get with Brandon to find out.  I don't have his phone #.  You can reach him on the KDGA forum.  The site is pretty much identicle to this one.  His username is Mace Man, so just send him a private message.

Focusing in on the rest of your question, no membership is required to play.  This event is not PDGA sanctioned, so the outcome will have no effect on any players PDGA rankings or such.  Entry should be considerably lower than most PDGA tourneys.  Hope this helps.  It's going to be a great weekend!

from what I've heard from woodz and ted everyone is welcome to play. they figured with wyco going on they'd host sunday to round out the weekend and as a warmup for the 4th annual redbud open in two weeks. that's cool that maceman is running it.
keep in mind that ted's dread is the longest, most difficult course around these parts. they've been able to use the terrain to create some incredible holes that require every throw in your bag. experienced players have been known to exceed 70. beckett carduff holds the course record of 56. add the blooming redbuds and occasional morel mushroom and there's not another golf course on a family farm that compares.
there will be camping friday and saturday night. if ted and woodz don't ask for a few bucks it would be nice for folks to throw some cash in the jar to help keep the course going.
ted can be reached at 913 530 3312 and woodz at 816 333 3105.

I could talk a little about Ted's Dread.  I've never seen a course like it.

Last year I played a tournament there.  I believe it was the red bud open.  We played the course as I knew it for the first round.  Pro par of about 60, I would say.  There was a 55 for the low pro score.

The second round was unbelievable.  We played from longer tees on a few holes and longer basket placements on a great many holes.  This was the most challenging and varied course configuration that I've ever played.  I shot like an 83 in the round.  The best pro score in the tourney was 66.  I played again later that after noon and shot 65, 18 shots better!  I don't believe a 56 is possible on this configuration.  This is a true golf course.  It has many par 4's and a few par 5's.  Overall, Par 70!

Here is a list of the holes and which ones had dual tees and dual pin locations.  I used the old numbering before it was changed.  The course makes more sense to me with these numbers.

1)  No change                     10)  Dual tees
2)  Dual pins                       11)  Dual tees and pins
3)  No change                     12)  Dual pins
4)  Dual pins                       13)  Dual pins
5)  Dual pins                       14)  Dual pins
6)  Dual tees                       15)  Dual pins
7)  Dual pins                        16)  Dual pins
8)  No change                     17)  Dual pins
9)  Dual tees and pins          18)  Dual tees and pins

I sure hope we get to play both courses again this year!

I think this course sounds like it's going to be a bit too difficult for me.  Maybe next year :D

Thanks for the answers.



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