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Too much time to play? Have you tried the alternate course yet?

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I don't think that enough attention is getting brought on Blue Valley with the addition of the new pads to shorten the course significantly.

We got through it this past week in a little over 90 minutes, with alternate throws on many holes.

In case you are lost.....its relatively simple to play.  Play to the color baskets (red ones from Swope are out there now), so it goes as follows:
1-play to middle field red basket-goto #2
2-play it as usual-goto#3
3-play it up hill to red basket-go due south to new teeing area
4-play to #4 basket through tree wall-goto #5
5-play #5 goto 6
6-play #6 goto 7
7-play #7 goto 8
8-play to Red basket on hill, shorter about 200'-goto #9
9-play to Red basket on Hill-goto pad in trees, new clearing to the NE slightly
10-play to #9 LONG Red basket in trees--Goto new pad North of here, and tree line
11-play to #10 basket (looks freaking great with new greenery BTW)-goto#11 tee
12-play to red basket short of the opening-goto new pad between this basket, and #9 long
13-play to #11 basket over the trees, (Slim has been wanting an Ace Hole at BV, now he has one!)-goto#12 pad
14-play to Red Basket, this is left of trees across #13 fairway, aim to left of trees, not the middle of trees-goto new pad area behind the trees
15-play to #13 long pin placement-goto#14 pad
16-play to #14 pin goto #15 pad
17-play to #15 pin goto #16 pad
18-play to #16 pin (new placement moved up the hill higher)

Call it a day.  Soo many chances to improve your game, and realistically gives you a feeling of a new course with that true sense of the desire to feel human at BV.

I am hopeful that I will be running league at Cliff again, and I have asked the board to move it back to Monday's.  With the notion that on the 1st of the month we will be playing BV as part of the course mix, and turning the Monday Night league into the NE League night.

Super fun, and a great property folks, you should go enjoy it this week with the weather being great!!

Thanks Jack!  I'll have to check it out.  So, what did you set the short course record at?

there was not a record pace event played.....my +11 isn't indicative of the oppt out there.  Right now I am merely playing with the ideas of what holes to use for the Wide Open out there as we will be more than likely using a smaller version of the Big Beast for play, so I wanted to get a better idea out of it.

When I got done though, I was tired, and I was excited about this knowledge of the newer course ideas.

Based on this the following are true possible birdies now:
14 (for the SUPER HUMAN arm)

so a -15 is possible out there now for certain, but I am thinking that I may want to keep #1 long, and #3 long, as I love them both so much, but it really messes up the flow of the course, so it may be a moot point, and we play it as it is short......  Could also move #1 to a shorter than long position.....we will also probably not use the short pad on #10 teeing area, as I want to see how people respond to the new greenery.....

i have a map to the topo and the new shorter setup.  who can i email it to to get it on the site?

Kevin Montgomery:

--- Quote from: will on January 03, 2012, 04:27:14 PM ---i have a map to the topo and the new shorter setup.  who can i email it to to get it on the site?

--- End quote ---


kmontgomery at @kc.rr.com


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