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Hey Ladies,
I was excited to see that the PDGA Women's committee has picked up some new energy this year.

From their new Facebook Page:
In 2012, we will be working to revive the PDGA Women's Committee and re-enforce the mission statement of being "dedicated to attract, encourage, and retain female participation in organized disc golf events."

I've been communicating with the committee and they have some great plans and ideas for the future.
They will be making a big announcement this week, so stay updated at

Also- Valarie Jenkins (chairperson for the committee) has a new website for women: Be sure to check it out!!

I started about a year ago - then got busy with the KCFDC website and was not able to continue forward with it. Valarie and I discussed some other ideas for this site because I don't want the 2 sites to compete in anyway. Same common goals so no need to duplicate efforts.  In the meantime I'll use it for our local womens league etc.

- Rhonda

Thanks for the ondy info Rhonda!


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