Author Topic: need workday credit-come get some Cliff Drive Sat 4-22  (Read 1090 times)

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need workday credit-come get some Cliff Drive Sat 4-22
« on: April 21, 2006, 05:47:41 PM »
Folks here goes.  We need people to help with the following:
-Removal of trees, either through cutting yourself, or help pulling out, or directing a group to get this accomplished.
-organization of the teams of kids to ensure that they are picking up the trash in the right spots, and you are able to help them identify areas that will need attention
-operate the "mini bulldozer" or the "trac-hoe", I dunno if that is what these things are called, I obviously then don't know how to operate one, but give me a few beers and a set of keys, and....well maybe I'll still watch and ask someone else to move the earth for us
-use your mower to continue to get the area that we have been cutting back of honeysuckle to entice the current mowing crew to continue with our efforts
-holes that we want work on will be as follows, what of this we accomplish will be great.
Hole #1 (old #6-will not refer to the old holes in ths mail any longer so follow closely)
remove the honeysuckle around the left of current pad.  remove all downed debris from February clean up.  remove all garbage and debris in lower section.  work on clearing out for new pad placement in lower level.  remove honeysuckle wall to West of basket and clear out all honeysuckle as possible.  Remove pile of debris from center of fairway.  mow "green" area.  remove hanging vines.  trim tree way West for alternate placements

Hole #2
clear out all downed debris towards the end of the new fairway.  cut all ankle busters, old and new ones.  remove honesuckle on the hill to West.

between holes-clear and remove all ankle busting honeysuckle targets.

Hole #3
clear out all ankle busters and remove all cut trees.  remove debris and cut trees.  create stair case out from green.  clear out honeysuckle on rock.  continue to clear out to the North of honeysuckle.

hole #4
place giant boulders to prevent people from parking and "drive-thru" area around the trash can.  hit gulley and remove "itch vines".  clear out trash.  get partial trees down and out.  clear honeysuckle to North of stairs out up to wall

hole #5
clear out old area of "new growth", this would be to the North of the existing pin.  Clear out the growth to the South of the pin that used to protect the old pad for the next hole, thus creating opportunities to utilize for the next green.

hole #6 clear out the area just West after the first clearing or downed tree bench from old pad.  remove all downed debris over years of our removal

hole #7
With the help of P&R start to creat the new pad area across the road.  Clear out the current green and remove the ankle busters.  continue to work around the road to open and expose the rock facing.  create trails, more defined.  plant wild flowers and ground covering to replace soil growth between #7 green and #8 pad.  remove all trees that are around the area.  replace rocks to deter travel on old road.

Hole #8
reomve all honey suckle, off pad, clear out the new growth, to the East of fairway, clear out as much honeysuckle as possible and downed trees.  to the West of the fairway, continue to clear out on the hill up towards #10 current pin.  remove all the piles of downed trees.  place the trash cans at proper locations.  remove trash.  remove tires.

hole #9
continue to Brandt proof the view to the lake.  work on the left side of fairway at removal of honeysuckle.  remove trash.  work on the new placement to left of current on the next level.

hole #10
work on the new deeper placement.  clear out honeysuckle on this area, being careful to protect the next #1 pad in the "bowl".  Develop a crossing to get over to the soon to become "staging area" for party activities across the valley.  Will need to go to the NE Athletic Field to grab the big ties to use on this, will require big equpiment to work.  This also means creating a new trail to exit from the new deep placement.

Hole #11
Clear out the trees along the reservoir gate.  Cut Poison Ivy off of trees to East of current pin.

Hole #12
Well clean trash somehow to the North of the fairway.  Remove honeysuckle.  remove trash.  remove trash to the north, then remove the trash from the north.  Possibly create a new pin on the hill for an even tougher risk/reward shot on an already hard pin placement.

Hole #13
Clear out the trees growing through the bushes.  Remove Poison Ivy on the big tree.  Plant a tree line to replace the dying and dead trees on the North side of the fairway.

Hole #14
Remove trees growing through the bushes.  Remove the Dead Tree attached to the other tree, and remove the poison ivy.

Hole #15
Remove the IVY on the trees.

Hole #16
Clear out the Trees to expose the metal work on the reservoir.

Hole #17
Check trees for ivy and trimming.

Hole #18
relax, this hole is pretty good!

In summary the top items that I would like to see us accomplish this weekend are these:
Remove the honeysuckle from all around hole #1 and clear it out in the bowl.  Then tie that to cleaning out the new #10 pin and trail.  Staying along those lines clearing the hillside between #10 and #8 to clean the sightlines.  THen following that down to the road to where the new pad for #7 will be.  We will also want to work on the holes for #2 & #3 at reemoval and clearing.  

If we can tackle most of that, working on the new pin for #9 will be the added bonus.

I am in obvious need of some major help.  We want to tackle as much of the big items this weekend as we can, but those that do not get done, we will need to tackle prior to the Wide Open.

I need your help, and then helping the direction for all 120+ volunteers.  Your time can be greatly appreciated this weekend, earn some extra brownie points with me, the course, mother nature and your own karma gods and deamons that you must expell....

Your all great, help me think even more of you, and help those in the community that have disc golf know how much you appreciate them allowing us to be there to help make this park a better place for all.



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need workday credit-come get some Cliff Drive Sat 4-22
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2006, 10:13:57 AM »
Was notice of this sent earlier?
It just seems kind agressive to get 120 volutneers with one day notice?

Is there an email list that might have included this information?
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need workday credit-come get some Cliff Drive Sat 4-22
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2006, 10:35:34 AM »
Was notice of this sent earlier?
It just seems kind agressive to get 120 volutneers with one day notice?

This Thread in the Cliff Drive forum has copies of the emails sent via Topica, which is the email list available to all club members.  The 120+ people were already anticipated due to a neighborhood (or city/nationwide) Great America Cleanup initiative.  Jack wanted discgolfers to guide the volunteers on course related projects.