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Work Days - Back Nine on the Way!

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Kevin Montgomery:
Saturday March 10th and March 17th will be two major work days at Clover Dell. We have an Eagle Scout project spearheading the installation of the back nine and a Lion's Club project clearing brush and preparing for the basket installation. If you are in the area and want to join in please do. If you've played the front nine at Clover Dell and were less than impressed you can expect to have your opinion changed. Big things are on tap for Sedalia disc golf. The front nine is continuing to mature and the back nine will have three legitimate par fours. It might even have a bonus!


Kevin Montgomery:
Reminder - If you live on the extreme east side of KC (or even further if you just feel like driving a ways) you're less than an hour away from Clover Dell. Saturday the 10th is shaping up to be a big work day. We have at least a dozen people committed to work to clear trees and brush to prepare for the installation of the back nine. Once the areas are all cleared and ready we'll be putting in nine baskets, four benches, temporary tee markers and temporary tee signs. The installation of baskets and benches will likely take place in mid-April.

As a bonus - we will be working on three wooded holes at the back of the course between new holes 15/16 to make the course 21 holes total. There will eventually be three par fours on the back along with two water holes.

The work day will likely be followed by eighteen holes on the existing short front nine.

The goal is to have a 21 hole course playable by May 1st!

so . . . . when u say "extreme"?  ;)

Kevin Montgomery:

--- Quote from: twoDornottwoD on March 08, 2012, 10:10:59 AM ---so . . . . when u say "extreme"?  ;)

--- End quote ---

Okay...  I admit it Clover Dell is way out in the boondocks....  ::)  But the plan is to make it a course worth driving to.   8)

Kevin Montgomery:
We had an outstanding work day at Clover Dell on Saturday. This coming Saturday while you are all throwing at WyCo we'll be preparing the pin placements and marking tee boxes. Hopefully I'll get more done on the there bonus holes too. I'll miss the Kan-U-WyCo for the first time ever I think, but it's for a good reason.

Here is an article from the Sedalia News Journal with some shots of the work being done. The article is short and got some things wrong but getting noticed is a good thing.



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