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ok, for under a minute, these guys are awesome, i rate 4 minis out of 5

Ken Franks:
4 outta 5 minis????????????????

 That Sh!ts as retarded as playing music during a casual disc golf round!!

it's just a movie dude, but it does include specific throw definition, the script is humorous, 2 of 3 characters are very believable, and the conclusion is the sound of chains. best of all the film is produced on the golf course by casual golfers. i would imagine more clips from these guys, especially with such emotional reviews from viewers incapable of intelligent DISCourse. lack of a soundtrack or any distracting music during the film is a bonus.

Ken Franks:
ya, lets keep weed in the limelight of our sport, that's gonna keep us advancing!!

port-a-potties, with or without attendants, will make this game more convenient for older players with bladder problems. weed and sanitary facilities, though not necessary, do enhance the overall disc golf experience. also well maintained bridges if you hadn't noticed!


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