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Kevin Montgomery:
League starts this Friday 4/9. We will be teeing off around 5:30 to 5:45. Try to arrive by 5:00 to register for Saturday's Kan-U-WyCo?! and sleep in on Saturday knowing you don't have to be there until 9:45. If you don't get registered Friday evening be there before 9:15 Saturday morning to register.

Kevin Montgomery:
League - This Friday evening - Be there.... 4/22/05....


Tee off no later than 5:45.... or sumpin like 'at....

Then it's off to Ted's Dread for beers, bonfire and glow golf. I'll lead the caravan!!

Kevin Montgomery:
Friday night league!!!  Whatever the weather...  I'll be there ready to throw. Tee off at 5:45.

Kevin Montgomery:
Buncha weenies... let a little wind scare you away...  Actually, three for league, me, Morales and Penny, but we took it to Ted's Dread and had a great time. See you next week.

Kevin Montgomery:
Kudos the the KCK Parks mowing crew. WyCo is looking fantastic.

If you roll, bring your rollers. If you want to play some golf in one of the most beautiful parks in town come to WyCo.

Tee off is at 6:00 pm this evening. Call if you're coming but running late - 816-830-0974.

 Ace fund has still never been hit!!



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