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I am giving you all a two week notice that it is time to start up Swope League once again for the summer months of 2012.  I will start it up on Tuesday, March 27 at 5:30 and I will move the time back to 6 after a few weeks.  I will certainly keep updates here.

I have some ideas for play this summer, but any ideas you have will certainly be welcome as well.  Let me know. 

One idea is to do an "opening night" potluck of sorts.  Each player can bring a side dish to share, and I will provide the meat to grill. 


See ya on the course -


Plastic swap meet too?


Beginning 3/27/2012, Swope League will be going on at 5:30.  We should have plenty of light to play. 

I plan on being there by 4:30, grilling some brauts and burgers.  I need some people willing to bring the buns, condiments, chips, and drinks to share (The LD drinks Mt. Dew) (or anything else you want to share).  Any takers??


Any takers?  I need to have a rough idea of how many are coming!

there will be the usual 6-12 tuesday regulars. I'll talk to fred about using some winter league ace fund $ to help out, the rest of us (regulars) can bring everything else you need.


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