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i heard you could use a putter? <- kinda lame. seems like you should have half the field play one mold the first round and the alternate mold the secound round, and best aggregate score for the mold wins. clearly older more experienced players were raised on rocs, and the younger big guns were weened on buzz. tourney was clearly roc throwers vs buzz chuckers. i'm a fan of science, so i throw a 180 element.

Plenty of young throwers using rocs...

What the hell are you talking about Jami

roc vs buzz utz. if you want to know which disc performs better at a course, each player should throw a complete round with each disc. that is the most scientific way you can determine if a roc or buzz is more suited for any given player, or a more reliable disc overall. putting and driving with the same disc is the key to accumulating data for each mold <since they are both midrange discs>. if you're up to a midrange battle @ ww league, i'll take my element against your whateva and we can review the scientific method during the round. unless you can lend me a hornet, i think those are great midranges too. comparing rocs and buzzez is like comparing the beatles and the stones, ford vs chevy, gaga and madonna. FYI, i'd go see the stones with madonna in a chevy.


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