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R.I.P. Swope Disc Golf Course Bathroom

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Today marks the end of an era. The beloved SPDGC bathroom located by tees 16 and 18 was bulldozed in a blatant attempt to improve both the asthetics and hygiene of the course. Even with the huge dirt patch, a pickup, a frontloader, and the cat smoothing it out it still looks better than it did last night.
Thank you KCP&R!


Gotta go see this after work!  Anyone up for a round at 4 (ish)?

might be a good idea for someone to bring a flat shovel to clean off 18 tee.

Here I sit broken hearted, came to %&*$ but only......

Did they get rid of the water spout thing too? That thing is a savior late in the day after a couple of rounds.


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