Author Topic: 3/18/12 Smithville League  (Read 1103 times)

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3/18/12 Smithville League
« on: March 18, 2012, 10:59:40 PM »
Just five out for golf at Wind Thorn on a warm day at the lake. Temp in the low 70's with winds of 15-20 and gusts to 30.

We all had at least a seven on our line of the card. 15 through the woods is AMAZING!!! Exactly what I've hoped it would be. Who ever did the clearing really nailed it. Thank You!!!! 14-18 is a nasty finishing stretch.

Ted Keith 67
Dan Weinert 74
TJ Ring 77
Nate Hopper 86
John Worden 92

Next week will be Beaver Creek at Noon!