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Peter Bures:
Starting in April we'll be back to playing league at Shawnee Mission Park! We'll be playing back on Tuesdays again, so our first day will be April 3rd

I'm brand new as Course Coordinator, but I was told that I may be able to get keys to move baskets. I don't know whether that's true or not, but if it is I hope to be able to move a few baskets. I know they've been in their same spots for almost a year now, so I think we could do with moving a handful of them. I know Shawnee Mission is often played by families and beginners, so we can't move anything too deep. But we'll see what we can do.

Do you guys think we'll able to start at 6? Or should we go for 5:30 the first few weeks? If we were playing right now I think 5:30 would be necessary but we've still got a couple of weeks so the sunset is only gonna get later and later.

Thoughts? I hope to see all of you out there!

Tue Apr 3rd - Sunset @7:46, twilight until 8:13ish
Tue Apr 10th - Sunset @7:53, twilight until 8:20ish
The FULL moon falls in b/tw these dates, fwiw = maybe some extra light if not overcast.

I would suggest starting at least the 1st 2 weeks at 5:30.  Then think about moving it back to 5:45 for a week then back to 6 at the end of April.

Is there still league at SMP on tuesday's or was it moved to another day? I work on Fort Leavenworth but I want to start playing this course for league....

Every Tuesday.


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