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Ted's Dread!
« on: April 29, 2006, 03:44:25 PM »
Calculate Local Player Ratings4/29/06# HolesAHPSSA183.1556.78LocalPDGAAvgAvg HolePlayerPlayerPlayer NameRndScoreRatingRatingKevin Babbit583.2229891013Fred Smith563.1111007948Mark Stiles563.1111007964Nikko Locastro583.222989941Joe Hesting553.0561015948Dave Hemmeline633.500947963Michael Schoenhofer613.389964938Pete Cashen643.556938974Bryan Guthrie673.722912964Mike Lockwood603.333972936Sean Gibson633.500947908Cecil Cameron623.444955926Jeff Campbell623.444955923Dick Parker633.500947921Jack Lowe703.889886907Dirk Hacker703.889886928Demian Vela724.000869904John Chapman744.111852878Tracy Wright744.111852865Mark Arnold623.444955855Doc Norby643.556938898Kelly Warren673.722912901Kevin Montgomery713.944878861Rick Rothstein693.833895882Steve Hoog734.056861813Lynne Warren764.222835785Angela Plitsch794.389809802Course Name0

Whoa...  This is the click to convert HTML file from Excel.  Maybe I'll try the notepad?

The important information is the following.  I had one round of scores and 28 PDGA rated players for the world class par calculation.  

1000 rated player course par for Ted's Dread is 57 for all short and 64 for all long.  

The average player rating was around 910, so the actual averages for our scores was around 66 and 73.  

One thing to keep in mind is that the winds were pretty light.  Usual 20 mph spring winds would have kicked the scores up a couple of strokes.  Also, holes 3, 4, and 5 played easier this year due to the removal of OB fence on all 3 of these holes and the elimination of the long placement on hole 4 and a different long location on hole 5.

With those two things in mind, pro par could be seen as par 60 on short and 68 on long.  Not record setting, but pretty close.