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--- Quote from: robm on April 09, 2013, 10:38:05 PM ---Tony = KCDiscDawg?

Tony hit an Ace.  WOW!  And to think you almost missed the very last card if it wasn't for Jack and I yelling at CD and Van to let you join on hole 1.

Seriously, good job Tony.  Wished we stuck around for another few holes to hear the hollerin'.

Rob (HomeBrewmeister) Martin

--- End quote ---
Yep Rob, KCDiscDawg = Tony ... It was a close start for me, with a wreck and Royals Traffic on 435 about cost me.... Thanks guys... I'll bring some beers and pop next time I can get over to play.. I'm thinking about the Youngle tomorrow night ;D


--- Quote from: spinachio on April 09, 2013, 10:49:40 PM ---Sounds like Rob owes you $5, Tony.

--- End quote ---
I think Rob needs a beer  ;)


--- Quote ---I'll bring some beers and pop next time
--- End quote ---

and the tradition lives on!

I was playing Legacy today and hit chains on #16, but it bounced out.  :( 

BUT, the very next hole I hit chains and it stayed in the basket!   ;D

#17 353 ft. with a Lat 64 Bolt.

(my 2nd ace)

Hit my first ace today at Water Works with a witness. Hole #4 short right with my 2012 ram n salmon buzzz.



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