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The 'Official' ACE Thread!

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Peter Bures:
He doesn't post on here, but my buddy Derek Newman aced Hole #6 Up Top at Rosedale on Saturday. 295 feet uphill with a Pro Destroyer.

7 Witnesses including myself, plus 3 more on #7's pad.

No aces to report, but hey can we got some LOVE for D. Loomis? He also shot a 1001 rated 54 today in Bowling Green. I think this guy has shown us he is done with AMs. Nice shooting Loomis!  Can we get some local love?

I guess there could be be a Bowling Green thread, but here it is. Loomis takes fourth in AM1. There were four flights in the pool. Minna takes second. Nice showing for this local pair. Whoot! Whoot!

Back to the thread, Pete Cashen aced 18 Down Under yesterday. There was another Ace on the same hole. Anyone know who it was? Or is it already in another thread?

I don't remember his name, but he took my $5 and my signature.  :D

CD hit chains right after the ace so there went another dollar. Not to mention I saw Peter's friend ace Hole 6 the day before. I paid out $11 in two days. Never witnessed an ace before this weekend either. Good shooting guys!


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