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Ladies Night Out at Rosedale

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Come out and play with the girls!

This league is for women of all ages and skill levels. Our mission is to get more ladies out throwing discs, help with technique, but most of all to have FUN!! Non-Competitive and Casual.

Prizes every week. You're encouraged to bring your own discs but loaners will be available for 1st time players. Start spreading the word to all the ladies you know!

WHERE: Rosedale Disc Golf Course

WHEN: Monday nights @ 6:00 pm (5:30 at beginning and end of season)

COST: Free

CONTACT: Rhonda Crosby 785-424-3672

It was a beautiful night to kick off the ladies league last night. 6 of us out so we played a round of doubles.
Fun times with a great group of disc golf chicks!

April Jenkins / Tavish Carduff
Mary Walters / Jodi O'Keefe
Yanina Langer / Rhonda Crosby

New Players and Women's Leagues on Monday night at Rosedale Park, will have a Dynamic Discs clinic starting at 5:30pm and will feature two of their Tour players Catrina Allen and Paul Ulibarri. They will put on a clinic for the players and whoever else would like to attend. Thanks and we hope to see you all there!

A great big THANK YOU to all the players that showed up last night at our Dynamic Discs Clinic. There was over 50 people for this event. And a Thank You to Paul Ulibarri, Catrina Allen and Ken Franks for sharing their tips and technics with the people that showed up. The first question from the crowd was about the mental game and they all touched on that. Very interesting to hear the pros talk about what they go through. Then putting demos, and then Catrina starting throwing some 350' and longer drives. Catrina then worked with the girls for about an hour on their driving and putting. Paul and Tank threw some bombs also then worked personally with whoever had questions. All three pros said that was one of the biggest turnouts of players for a clinic that they had been a part of. Great time last night I hope everyone got something out of it.

The New Players and Women's League on Monday Night 4/16 at 5:30pm will feature Dynamic Discs Team Members Phil Arthur World Masters Champion, Paige Pierce Current Worlds Women's Champion and Paul McBeth from California. There could be a few others show up also. There will be a Question and Answer and then a distance demo by the top players in the world. This should give you time to play after the demo. I hope to see you all out there on Monday evening!


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