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Ladies Night Out at Rosedale

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What a fantastic night at Rosedale.  60 people were in attendance for this weeks version of New Players Night.  Phil Arthur, Paige Pierce, Paul McBeth, Paul Ulibarri, Devan Owens, Ricky Wysoki, Jeremy Koling, Catrina Allen, and Brittany Blair were there to answer questions and throw some signed disc.  After the clinic was over people either stayed and got some one on one time with the pros or created a card and went out to play a few holes.  Some of the ladies even got to throw a few holes with Paige, Catrina and Brittany.

The signed discs (blizzard plastic, Nukes, and others) that were thrown at the demonstration are for sale.  If anyone is interested in on or two you can give me a call, 785-393-1555, I will let you know where you can get those.

At this time there is talk of another BIG name coming in next week but until that is finalized the plan is to make cards and play a round of golf.

Also spotted on the course were Sarah Hokum, (PDGA Board President and commissioner) Rebecca Duffy, and (PDGA Executive Director) Brian Graham.

Ladies Night Out at Rosedale will start at 6:00 PM tonight.
Now that days are longer this is the new start time.

No scheduled clinic tonight so we will form 3-4 some's and play a round as usual.

See you tonight!

What an awesome Ladies Night at Rosedale!  We had 12 women out there, many first timers!  Way to go Rhonda!!


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