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What a great night at Rosedale for the last unofficial round of new players league.  Yes, next week, April 2, it is for real.  Some of the scores were ridiculous but that just shows a lot of improvement has been made over the mild winter by people.  The 80% handicap based on last year didn't hurt either.

Adam Abernathy 36
Dale Walters       45
Andrew Walters  47
Chris Timko         54
Ben Crosby         56
Chris Millsap        57
Michael Taylor      59
Bobby Dietzel      65

We are going to have a great year with sponsorships from KCFDC, Dynamic Discs & Disc Golf World.  What does that mean?  Come out and see for yourself.

Expect the first mini clinic in May.  They may start out with top local players but I do have a commitment from a national tour player to stop in for a night.

Monday, 6pm?
No entry fee?
What is a New Player?  My Kan-U-Wyco rating would have been a 836.

Dale W:
New player league is simply a league for new/newer players to play with more experienced players.  This way, whether through active "coaching" or just watching the more experienced players, the newer player can get tips on throwing, rules, and play in general.  As Ben mentioned, he tries to get local pros to give clinics a few times during the season (usually meet at Swope for the clinics).  As of right now, we are starting at 5:30 so we can fininsh before dark.  Hope to see you there.

Do yall play tags at this?

Yes, tags are in play and enough people with tags to make it worth while.


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