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League on Monday!!! <4-2-12>


Cliff League Monday edition on little Blue since it be the first monday of the month, 5:30 pm, i hope to be there! hey is the ace fund from cliff in play?

according to jack lowe, cliff drive league has developed into the northeast league, so there will be one ace fund

http://kcfdc.org/forum/index.php?topic=7314.0 post 1, first paragraph, second sentence

$183 + that night's club members, or those that give the $1 will be in the ace fund at Blue Valley as well as Cliff Drive.

This is the largest Ace Fund for KCFDC league play at Blue Valley in it's history, and also the shortest course configuration ever used at Blue Valley for league play, with aces as a possibility!

C'mon out and getchya sum!

whoop whoop! frankerton and I are heading out in an hour. get your booty out there! NE League whaaat?


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