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I remember when rock was young.....me and suzie had so much fun.....holding hands and skimming stones....



--- Quote from: jamidanger on February 16, 2013, 08:27:56 AM ---gun talk is lame.
 i've got a crocodile <in my basement> for home defense, no background check was needed. it is estimated that there's 150 homes with crocodiles in the u.s. and only 14 children were injured or killed by crocodiles in the home. one kid thought it was ok to take his parents crocodile to school <for show and tell>, and it accidentaly bit another student, but the parents were not jailed or fined. kids think crocodiles are cool, and even some rowdy teens think it's cool to let their crocodile loose evey now and then, i think they are punks. every american, even felons believe they have the right to own a crocodile, and i am surprised that churches and public venues do not allow decent law abiding sane folks to disguise their crocodiles as seeing eye dogs for their own protection in these places. cops should have crocodiles to remind the public that we live in a crocodile society, and there will be no funny business. sometimes i sleep with my crocodile under my pillow, it makes me feel safer. the national crocodile association thinks that if more people had their crocodiles with them at all times, there would be less crocodile incidents, do you agree?

--- End quote ---

When I was around 8, my parents went on a business trip/vacation to New Orleans, leaving me and my sis with relatives. When  they returned, they came in carrying a shoebox with a small aligator inside. Back in the 60's it must have been semi legal to buy alligators in Louisiana and bring them to Kansas. We kept the alligator in a wash tub for almost a year. I dunno about crocdiles, but I can attest to the fact that aligators are not very people friendly. It would sit on it's brick in the wash tub all day, eating the minnows we put in the water, and whenever I went to play with it, or show it some affection, it would hissssssss. It had really big, sharp teeth. It grew to about 14 inches long before it caught a cold and died. We burried it in the back yard.  ???

following needs to happen if you are reading this and have the ability to move pins, please do.\
6-far right (Original)--Ok
7-Short (rd 1) Long (rd 2) Need to move SHORT
8-Hangar (rd1) Long (rd 2) Need to move LONG
10-Long Need to move LONG
13-Short (rd1) Long (rd2)  Need to move Short
14-Long Left (rd 1) Short (rd2)  Need to move LONG LEFT
15-Under Tree--Ok
17-Peninsula  Need to move to PENINSULA-Will need to clean out base with vacuum probably, fix it with cap/top
18-By road--Ok

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