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New Players League Monday Nights

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Just want to thank everyone for last night I had a great time.  Looking forward to doing it again next week.

FYI: It was mentioned by Paul that this league would begin at 5:30pm instead of 6 next week.


I would also like to thank everyone that came out on Monday night. I believe all total there were something like 13 people altogether. Looking forward to playing next week.

Rain or Shine?  Whats the protocall on weather like today?



Generally speaking leagues go on rain or shine....always some diehards who play regardless of the conditions.  My advice is if you want to play show up, days that look iffy have a surprising turnout.

I am new to this and while at Oklahoma Joes I saw a sign speaking of new players league. From what I understand it has already started. Are new people welcome even after the start date, are there fees involved, how long is the season, is there a website with more detailed information about getting involved in this or just show up at rosedale on Monday nights at 5:30ish. Sorry for the newb questions but this game is a blast and to play with others in an organized fashion would be splendid. Thank you for your time.


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