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3/30 League?

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Jake B:
I know that league doesn't officially start until next week, but is anyone thinking about running a non club event tonight?

Don't know, was gonna head out any way

I'll run random dubs if anyone is interested, lets start as close to 5:30 as possible. Call me if you are running lat and want to play - 816.309.3369.

Jake B:
Sounds good Tom!

An even dozen out for a great night on the golf course.  Boyd started out CALI, but picked up a late arriving Jake.  Then they proceeded to shoot 8 down to take first.  Brandon and Paul came in 2nd with 6 down.  There were several new faces out for league.  Glad to see you all.

Jake/Boyd         46
Brandon/Paul    48
Matt/Kline         49
Corey/Keven    51
Tom/Dan           52
Jake/Joe           55

Next week we start regular league next week.  John Kimbrell will be running it this year.  Thanks for stepping up John!!

We barely finished with enough light to see by.  Should probably start at the same time next week, 5:30, but I'll let John make that call.


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