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League 4-4- 2012
« on: April 05, 2012, 12:12:35 PM »
Rain, rain, stay away!  We were able to get the entire round in with no rain or lightning issues.   Some ominous clouds to the North last night.  Wind was minimal which is usually is at Young.

Eleven players out for league.  Dan Coffman won the Masters and his protege Brandon, took Open.  Brandon and myself were tied after 18  we played hole 11 and tied and then played safari due to low light.  Played short pad 1 to 11's basket on the mound.  I was pin high and missed a shorty while Brandon was 30+ short.   We both missed and i had a long role out.  Brandon hit the come backer for the win about 30+ out.  Timko put a nice string of bridie runs together (5)  but had a couple typical "YP -you got served" holes that kept him out.  Paul and Tommy V cash again. 

Brandon Elkins 55
John Theiss       55
Matt Hayes       57
Chris Timko       57

Dan Coffman   57
Tom Verstraete  58
Paul Beard         58
Roland Vega     61
Jake Dady          62
Joe Mangiaracina  67
Gary Lewis            69