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League 4/13


I will not be able to make it this week also, along with many others due to the GBO.  If you have not made to Emporia before this would be a great first experience if there are spots left in your division and get wet.

The Bird Father:
Woot! Woot! GBO week!!! It's the mutha'f'n gathering!

Tracy, I have the WyCo league packet.  Would you or anyone else be able to pick it up prior to Thursday?  I may be able to meet you somewhere, but I can't make it that far out west.

Maybe?  I have Corporate Challenge tryouts tonight and will be at Swope from 5:30 to 7:30.  Can you meet up after 7:30?  If so, give me a call.

Sorry Tracy.  My phone totally crapped out on me a couple of days ago so I've been flying blind.


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