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Womens Global Event in Topeka - May 12


The Womens Global Event is May 12th. ( Details about the event on )

Since there is not a qualifying tournament in KC that day that we can tie into- there is one in Topeka.

Lars with LS Discs- Capital City Classic in Topeka is tying into the womens global event- that is the closest event for us. 
You can register to play at
In the 'participating event' section choose: Capital City Classic presented by LSDiscs + WGE

April 12 (today) will be last day to register to receive a Global Event Player's pack full of goodies!
Sorry for the late notice- the Topeka event was just recently confirmed as a WGE.

Hope to see all you ladies there!

Its to bad you couldn't get the support from the KCFDC to have a event here in KC.  Thank you Lars, from LSDiscs for adding the Womens Global Event to your already existing event.   


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