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4/20 LDGL Scores and Highlights

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LDGL Doubles Scores 4/20
1. Jay Cram / Paul Beard                                    58
1. CD / Jake Dady                                              58
1. Brandon Elkins  / John Kimbrell                        58
3. Dalton Punkhaber / Joe  Mangiaracina              49
3. Dan Coffman / Jitt Belcher                               49
6. Slim Belcher / BJ                                            50
7. Matt Hayes - Cali                                            52
8. Matt Fox / Dave Edwards                                 54
9. Sean Chanceller / Bob Walker                          54
10. Matt Perry / Jake Alpert                                 55

CTP Winners
1. CD                                             Buzz Dye Max
2. Joe Mangiaracina                        Blizzard Wraith

High Lights
3 way tie this evening between Jay Cream/Paul Beard, Jake Dady/Jay Cram, Brandon Elkins/ John Kimbrell. We played off at hole one, ended in 3 Par's for the tie; splitting the pot.

BJ Drive was Pin high hole 7, 450ft

Brandon C. drove hole 4, 353ft up hill & hole 8, 410 ft.  John K. finished the holes with around 30ft putts for birdies. These were the only birdies for League on holes 4 & 8

Flying J:
Thought it was supposed to be singles the last two weekends of the month?

nope they voted against it. i think everybody was penn high that nite!

Flying J:
So is this the way it's going to be?  There's going to be a vote every time?

I agree with Jose, it's summer time man, singles all the way. Doubles is a winter thing.


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