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4/20 LDGL Scores and Highlights

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Friday at Wyco is a very social evening, but always singles.  ;D


--- Quote from: jhinck2 on April 24, 2012, 12:47:40 PM ---I would have loved to run it, but I simply can't commit every Friday. All I'm saying is I would rather play singles in the summer. Just my opinion.

--- End quote ---

Bring it up with Johnny then.  Ultimately though, it's in the hands of the LD and the LD generally does what the consensus of his or her league participants want to do.

Flying J:
I understand.  But John had said that the first two weekends of the month would be doubles and the last two would be singles.  It was his decision and he was run over with a vote.

There's a solution.  On the last two weekends of the month, whoever wants to play doubles can go do so.  Those of us who are sick and tired of playing doubles at Legacy will play singles. Club or not.  $5, 100% payout.


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