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Help with Boy Scout troop 265
« on: April 27, 2012, 08:24:37 AM »
      My son Ben's scout troop is having a campout this weekend @ Shawnee Mission Park focusing on orienteering, fishing and DISC GOLF!!!  I am looking for a couple of volunteers that are willing to teach the game and share a round with some eager young scouts! I hope to have a small clinic explaining the differences in discs and flight as well as basic rules etc. followed by a 1 round mini for the scouts and if I could have a local club member go out with a 4some, that would just be awesome!
      If you have a couple hours to spare, probably 11ish to 2ish on SATURDAY afternoon the 28th(tomorrow) and would like to help share and teach this sport we love to young eager minds than please call me at 816 914-3346 and ask for Fred. I will hammer out the details to any interested parties... Thanks ;D
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