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Workday 4-8


Mike Penney:
If anybody is available this Friday and/or Saturday please come out to Cliff Drive and get some course karma. Jack, House and myself have are trying to get the course ready for the mowers, who will start mowing out there in the next week or two. We need to do a lot of cutting along 13 and 14, 17, 6, and a few other area's. We have court appointed workers coming this Saturday. Our plan is to have them drag all the brush we cut to the road for the parks to pick up. The following Saturday the 16th is the Great American Clean Up, we will have 200 plus kids in varying ages out there to pick up the trash that has accumulated. We got a lot done out there last year with the help from both clean ups. With the course starting to take shape, and two PDGA events planned this year, we could use all the help we can get. The more we get done now, the more we can address other issues out there. So if you aren't going to WyCo, or you don't have anything to do Friday come on out. The more chainsaws the merrier. Even if you don't have a cutting device there is still plenty for you to do. Lunch and beverages will be provided. Jack and myself will be there this Friday from 10 am on..........

Mike Penney:
A big thanks to Jamie Barry,Max Hilgers,Chris Mann, Mike Davis, John Rumple, Critter, all worked hard this weekend. We got a lot accomplished this weekend. The honeysuckle along the cliff on hole 13 has been removed providing a very nice looking view. We also cut along hole 14 further exposing the view of the pond and the basket. Thanks a bunch guys. That whole area looks completely different, for the better.


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