Author Topic: 5/10/12 Water Works Mini  (Read 790 times)

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5/10/12 Water Works Mini
« on: May 10, 2012, 11:04:00 PM »
A near perfect evening for a crowd of 46 at Water Works Park. Mid 70s with wind of 10 or less. With the casuals on the course as well, play was tournament pace but we moved steadily along and finished with light in the sky.

Arturo led the way shooting 44 with a bogey. Billy went nuts with birdies on six of the first seven holes and finished at 46 in Masters. Jen Brockman shot 70 in Women, Matt Crowe had a nice 54 to take Advanced, and Lucky wins again in Intermediate.

Averages are at:

Both Shane Caylor and Nick Arbiteman hits chains on 11 but Rodney Beagle won the Dynamic Discs CTP when he put his drive right on the pole. He added a Z Buzzz SS to his bag.

Jamie Danger got out of work at the last minute and played in his work clothes, complete with black tie and shoes. When we ran into him on the course he proudly stated "I'm overdressed and under par".

Great to see the faces we hadn't seen since last year!

Open (16)

Arturo Villarreal  44
John Benedick  52
Jordan Hinck  52
Joe Hesting  52
Shanan Carson  53
Jake Bowen  53
Dave Wagner  53
Fred Fortson  54
Nick Altieri  54
TJ Ring  56
Fred Smith  56
Nick Winkelbauer  56
Shane Caylor  57
Greg Utz  59
Dillon Gattan  61
Matt Perry  61

Women (3)

Jen Brockman  70
Susan Taylor DNF
Mary Walters DNF

Masters (16)

Billy Nelson  46
Jamie "clown shoes" Barry  52
Brian Gammon  54
Dan Howard  54
Ken Hostetler  54
Nick Arbiteman  55
Ben Taylor  55
Bill Neenan  55
Doug Kroll  56
Scott Ostenfeld  56
Ted Keith  56
Mark Stiles  57
James Gray  60
Dan Weinert  61
Doug Kantro  63
Rob McClary  63

Advanced (9)

Matt Crowe  54
Chris Millsap  57
Rodney Beagle  60
Matt McClary  61
Sprint  63
Ed Holbrook  64
Andrew Walters  65
Dale Walters  67
Matt Neenan  70

Intermediate (2)

Lucky Brockman  80
Riley Brockman  94

Ace Pool = $319