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Friday Night Legacy League I like to call it. If only we could get some weekly score posts and round highlights such as ACES on hole 12 and DEUCES on hole 18 long, etc etc every now and again....

Sooo, did you deuce 18 long?  Now we know.

Jose aced 12 with a Champ Eagle.  Now we know that too.   ;)

Ok so I put emphasis on the wrong part of that post. There have been a lot of new players out playing FNLL and it would be cool to see them get their scores posted.

And to add to round highlights, there are ALWAYS wild and crazy "epic" shots being seem out there ;)

Johnny doesn't get on much, so perhaps you can get the scores from him and update us every week?  I would love to see scores and turnout from Legacy.

Dan has been running it...


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