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Sorry, I haven't posted scores...I've got a new machine and haven't gotten everything transferred from the old one yet...I'll get the scores posted this week. The League is in full swing with 8 out on 4/27, 20 on 5/4, and 17 on 5/11...so even though I haven't posted scores, come on out and get in on the fun. :P

Here's a brief recap for 5/11 doubles...

I was lucky enough to get to play on the card of Slim/Dan, Cali Jose, and Jordan/Boyd (for starters I got to give Jose $5 of the $6 I won for his no doubt Ace on #12)...this was probably the most competitive card that I've played on at Legacy...Slim, Jose, and Jordan were throwing bombs all night and everyone was finishing...after 16 holes Slim/Dan were -9 and Cali Jose & Jordan/Boyd were -10...Slim/Dan didn't convert from inside of 30' on #17 long while Cali Jose & Jordan/Boyd both birdied...Jordan/Boyd took the win with a bird on #18 Long from 25' to finish at -12, while Cali "Ace" Jose finished at -11.  Jordan/Boyd really had some impressive birds... 7 Long, 8 Short, 17 Long, and 18 Long...they birdied 7 of the back nine holes, only missing #10 and #15.

Be at Legacy this Friday night for Ace refreshments courtesy of Jose Ossa.

Ace fund is now 1/2 of what it was Friday night (Timko is verifying the total).

Now THAT is a post Dan the Man!!

Total was $208 at the beginning of the year.  Once we get the league spreadsheet totally updated we'll get the totals.

Being this is the 3rd Friday of the month is this going to be singles or doubles?

Nice Ace Jose!!

Jake B:
I'd say as long as Dan's running it, it will be doubles. I mean this is LS, we don't know how to play singles.


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