Author Topic: 5/14/12 League at Cliff Drive  (Read 823 times)

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5/14/12 League at Cliff Drive
« on: May 16, 2012, 11:06:28 AM »
Well we had 16 players out for a BEAUTIFUL evening of golf.  The highlight of the card for myself, was watching Ryan " I can throw that thing over the hill on #10 and get a birdie" Westa crush hole #10, and the proceed to get a 5 on #11, followed closely to Kevin "counting my OB $$$ from you saps for some food" Corbett going OB on #16 & #17 respectivaley, to Jose "I know its right around here in the Reservoir" Ossa followed closely by Jack "Roller coaster, yeah I shot like a 62......oh wait I shot a 57, I get that off tag challenge Danger after all!" Lowe to give away the 276 I was fortunate enough to get from Kevin at Smithville on Sunday (poor performance and execution on Sunday folks)

But that all pales in comparison to Arturo "let me show up at 5:57 and take all the moeny, because it's......wait for it.......EEEEEeeeeeeeee-zzzzzzzzzzzz" Villareal with the 49 came in shooting lights out with a solid round, he blew away the competition on Monday as the next best was Jose Ossa with his $3 OB's to us all, he still managed to take some money on the night with a solid 55, and Nick Parks finished the cash in the Open with a 58.

On the Masters side, I managed to play ping-pong and start off 4-2-4-2 and had a 5 but held on to the lead with a 57, and Danger nipping on the heels of me shot a solid 58 in this configuration.

Then we finally had an Advanced card at the course, with 3 players opting to play in the level, and Shane Diersen won with a 63, followed by Ty Tanmatt with a 66, and Bill Shinoski shooting a 68, pretty close battle there.  Shane and Ty left before getting the KC Kash, so I will have it for them next week.

I will be moving the pins into the City Of Fountains configuration probably tonight, the big changes will be that 17 will move to the Island, 10 will go back on top of the hill (too much headache on the current place during events).  Island rules are that you are either on the green, or you go to the drop zone.  This will also be the case on #12 during the Mighty Mo, but during league on #12, #17 will be Island rules, as it is an Island.....  I also have taken chains off the basket (thanks to some help from Mike Penney) that a car hit at Cliff Drive a few years back, and will be fixing hole #7's missing chains tonight.

Here are the Scores:

Arturo Villarreal   49--$12
Jose Ossa   55--$9
Nick Parks   58--$6
Vince Como   59
Caleb Walker   62
Kevin Corbett   62
Ryan Westa   63
Michael Keizer   63
Eric Eastwood   65

Jack Lowe   57--$8
Jamie Danger   58--$4
Bill Hecht   65
Doug Kroll   67

Shane Diersen   63--$7
Ty Tanmatt   66--$4
Bill Shinoski   68

No ace was hit so the Ace Fund for the Northeast Kansas City Disc golf League night moves up to.......
Deposit to the club from the event=$35
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