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If you'd like to help over the next week, here's a list of things that we need to get finished.

1.  Trimming up the green on hole #13.
2.  Trimming up the left side of the fairway on hole #13.
3.  Trimming up the trees near the green on hole #12.
4.  Trimming up around the rock OBs so we can put string down.
5.  Planting a new pin on the 1st hole north of the course.
6.  Moving the pins into place.
7.  Painting the Road OBs.
8.  Painting the 10m circles (once grass is mowed).
9.  String the rope OBs (once grass is mowed).
10.  Putting down 2 flypads (once grass is mowed).
11.  Putting up new tee signs, mandos, and directional arrows (once grass is mowed).

I'll be out on Saturday to work on #12, #13, and the new pin placement.  I would love it if we could get people out on Sunday to help move pins.  I'm attempting to acquire a gator to help us (if you have one that would be awesome), otherwise a good group of people will make the job a lot easier!

If you are interested in helping, please let me know!


I'll be there with bells on! Or just tools...and the like.
 Thanks for putting this list out there.

Timko, what time were you planning on Sunday?  I should be able to make it out there early in the morning if that works.  0800.

I will be there at 9.

Baskets are moving at 8:00 Sunday morning.  Dave Walker will be bringing out his ATV to make it much easier for us!


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