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Ken Franks:
Joe Hesting's long time best friend, McCoy, has gone to play with the doggies, plastic bottles and friZZbee's in the sky. For those that was lucky enough to know him, was to love him, even if he didn't know who you were, he had some doggie breath kisses for you....

 He might have loved going to play golf more than any of us...

 RIP White McCoy!!!


Awww....I saw him at the WO, and thought he wasn't looking as Spry as he had in the past.  Sorry for the loss!

McCoy was one of the best dogs I've ever met and I'm glad that I got to hang out with him as much as I did.  He will be missed by many disc golfers and friends alike. 

My condolences Joe.   :'(

RIP buddy.

Kevin Montgomery:
RIP McCoy. This news made me quite sad. He was always a pleasure to see on the course. Always friendly and quick to let you give him a greeting of a few pets on the head. I'm glad I got to greet him one last time Sunday.

Sorry Joe, He was a great dog and great disc golfin side kick.

McCoy will be missed. :'(


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