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League 7/18
« on: July 20, 2012, 01:28:31 PM »
Well Start out with our animal planet adventures.  On hole 8 the rest of the group watched a large wasp (not the disc) take out a cicada in mid flight. The wasp had a firm grip on the cicada and rode it to the ground. Now realized that the wasp is less than half the size of the cicada. We watched the wasp repeatedly try to sting the cicada. The shell of the cicada was hard but with the number of times the wasp tried to sting the other bug, one had to get through. We watched the wasp and cicada for about 10 min. The wasp could not make it off the ground with the cicada so it was a series of jumps, the wasp made it to a couple of down twigs and we watched it jump form twig to twig and eventually get to a tree and started climbing. After some research the wasp is known as a cicada killer wasp. it stings its prey takes it to a whole in a tree, lays an egg on it and leaves the egg to hatch and eat the cicada. Brandon elkins and jitt belcher got some great footage of the action with their phone cameras.

On the lighter side a poster was in the making only if someone had their camera out. when we were walking down 12s fairway you can see 18s basket. Some casual players were finishing up. They had brought their dogs with them. Well one dog was trying to get it in the 19th hole if you get my drift. Poster would have read "Get it in the hole"

Slim Belcher 57
Brandon Elkins 60
Adam Johnson 69

Dan C 56
Paul B 61
Roland V 62
Tom V 66
Tony B 69
Gary L 69

Frank Mango- 68 Frank won the playoff (1 short ot Practice basket) with a great 25 foot putt
Jake Riley- 68
Jitt Belcher- 69
Paul Louis- 70
Tyler Mattoon- 70
Adam Johnson