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OB, Stance, Relief, and Marking your lie

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I actually found these graphics pretty helpful myself. /share


Edit: Did some cleaning up, make the previews smaller, and clickable!

Didn't come through!

Interesting, I"m not using anything special just the
--- Code: ---[img] URL here [/img]
--- End code ---
code. I tried a few permissions tweaks. Can you see em now? anyone?

Saw them just fine

yah those are the rules, it's important that the group watches for the calls though, so many golfers foot fault off their marker without noticing, and if only one player calls it - it is no foul - you've gotta have a "second" it's common knowledge i call foot faults - on jump putts especially when the "launching" foot touches the mini. just because i hate watching jump putts doesn't mean i hate you - it means i hate foot faults.


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