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OB, Stance, Relief, and Marking your lie

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As I see the rule and based on the graphics included in the initial post of this thread (which I see as sufficient to settle any dispute on OB rules), it doesn't matter if taking your meter relief puts you within 1m of OB.  The 1m is a standardized length of relief so that your stance isn't in OB territory.  So that example you drew up of the acute angle of safe territory, the 1m relief from where it went out would be plenty as long you can take your stance in bounds.  The spirit of the rule is that you move the disc as little as possible from the lie, not that there is 1m from any boundary.

Peter Bures:
You're exactly right, which is why it's more of a loophole than strict rules.

Because you're right, I could take a stance in a corner like that without standing OB, but a player might use that rule to their advantage to get closer to the basket.


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