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Not a bad night at Wilbur. Yes it was hot but we had some relief as the weather front moved in and we got some light breezes, a little cloud cover and about 7 drops of rain. This week we had some safari golf set up. On hole two we played to the long pin placement for 15. On hole 9 we played to the right(west) placement on hole 11. Also, several baskets were moved and the course played relatively tough. Ace fund just topped $300

Brandon Elkins 54
Adam Johnson 63
Jake Riley 66

Dan Coffman 58
Paul Beard 58
Gary Louis 63
Tom Verstraete 66
Roland Vega 66
Tony Burnett 66

Frank Mango 62
Bill Shinoski 65
Josh Leroux 65
Steve Pfost 69
Joe Mango 70-->Happy Birthday
Tyler Mattoon 75
Jamie Grace 80

Brandon's Drive on hole 16.

Another view

That wedged disc was pretty cool. Brandon went up the middle with a teebird. Tyler and I saw it skipped and then stop so abruptly, you know when your eyes follow the projected trajectory. The discs was tacoed in that spot. I guess that just shows how hard brandon can throw

Kelly Markum:
I have seen that lil skinny kid throw...Im surprised he can throw 200'  :D


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