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07/26/12 Water Works Mini

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Mid 90s, muggy, and little breeze for 35 at the Wizzle Hizzle.

Just a couple in the 40s with Arturo holding off Mike D by a shot. Neenan and Hostetler tied at even in Masters. Jen shot a season best 67 representing the Women and Jack Golden led the way in Am.

After getting harassed by some young punk about our card being 200 years old we did the math and found that it was actually 208. None of us shot our age on this evening.

The Dirty Birds flew in from the south and Deano went away with a Star TRex by winning the Dynamic Discs CTP on hole 9.

Mini stats at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvgDHo9rqLOtdDN4aEo1UHFSZ1JRMU1JNkxDWGFYYWc#gid=0

Open (17)

Arturo Villareal  47
Mike D (Open)  48
Nick Altieri  50
CD Steiner  53
Billy Nelson  54
Jose Ossa  54
Frank Weaver  54
Bobby Villareal  54
Andy Lewis  55
Ryan Westa  56
Dick Parker  56
Greg Utz  57
Fred Fortson  58
Eric Kolkmeier  59
Shane Cayor  62
TJ Ring  66
Brian Bail  69

Women (1)

Jennifer Brockman  67

Masters (9)

Bill Neenan  54
Ken Hostetler  54
Jamie Barry  56
Ted Keith  58
Doug Kantro  59
Danny Knox  59
Deano Uhlman  60
Kevin Montgomery  65
Scott Thompson  65

Advanced (8 )

Jack Golden  61
Mike Fenton  63
Rob McClary  64
Matt Hardiman  64
Rob Bitter  69
Matt McClary  71
Greg Seher  72
Shane Dierson  DNF

Ace Pool = $646

Ken Franks:
SOME of the Dirty birds............

The Bird Father:

--- Quote from: Ken Franks on July 26, 2012, 11:01:16 PM ---SOME of the Dirty birds............

--- End quote ---

That's KING Dirty bird to you!

Viva La WyCo!  Ka Kaw!

Sick parrot hat slizant!

I thought it was a dragon


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