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Does this course/league on Sunday still exist??!!

Haha thinking about playing if it's still at noon-thirty this weekend...

I was out there July 8th and it was EMPTY. Got there at 12:10 and played a round and a half and never saw a soul.

Pretty sad. Used to be a hoppin league...then all kinds of layouts and "games" started being played and I guess people stopped showin (myself included)

I play there abt 3 times a week, before it got so hot I saw the league going on every Sunday.  I either play morning or evening so I'm not sure if they are still playing or not.

I think quite a few leagues have suffered from the heat and limited participation this summer.  But I think there are quite a few reasons for the limited participation at PHill. A few of the regulars have moved out of the area, Dan C moved to Blues Spring and the group that often plays with him are now playing BS and Legacy leagues regularly and not PHill.  For a while, Smithville had league basically at the same time which pulled several players away earlier in the spring.  Might be due to people not liking doubles format.  Like Bowen says, doubles are for winter, singles are for summers. 

Finally, Narin isn't all that active on this board and I think for some people knowing what's going on and how people scored gets people to league.  I don't think it was the safari holes or alt tee pads as the reason people are not attending the league.  Those rounds were some of the most fun I've had at leagues.  Now they take quite a while, which might be another reason now that I think about it.  I know for me I haven't been at every league there because I'm super busy right now.  I hope the PHill picks up again this fall and it's well attended.


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