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That was a pretty sweet shot Jack. 

Thanks to all who purchased KCFDC shirts and hats.  Here is what's left.  I have few people that have items already spoken for, but I haven't worked out delivery and/or payment yet.  They are:

Joe Hesting L Light Blue Shirt $26
Matt Ecklund L Light Blue Shirt $26
Mark M. L Navy Shirt $26
Loomis 2 XXL Navy shirts, 2 M Female Navy shirts $108
Adam Cossette  L/XL Nike Hat $20
Mike Keizer M/L New Era Hat $0

And here's what I believe I have left available for purchase
2 Large Navy Shirts $26 each
1 XXL Navy shirt.  See Dave Valdiviez at DGW.  He bought one and it was too big for him.  I haven't picked it up yet but he was going to look to move it for me. If you want it, let he or I know.

And if you want one of the other large navy shirts or something else, send me a PM.  Once I complete moving this list, then I will summarize and provide a report at a KCFDC meeting on the particulars.  At that time, we will determine how we want to handle these orders/distribution in the future.  There were certain things that went very well and other details that could be improved.     

Sorry I missed you at the icebowl Eric, I got a bad cold and stayed in bed.

I still want that hat!  Let me know which dark alley you want to meet in to make the exchange.   

No worries, we'll catch up some time.  I have your number we'll figure out a course to have a round at.  I hope you are over your cold, I had one a few weeks ago and that thing dragged on forever. 


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