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PDGA Tournament Bag w/ Fade Gear WeatherGuard Backpack - $60

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Bag is PDGA Tournament Bag - 18 Disc: new $75

This is a great disc golf bag that is ideal for the tournament player. The PDGA Tournament Disc Golf Bag can hold up to 20 discs if you take out the removable accordion sleeves and has all of the amenities you need for tournament play as well as casual rounds. Equipped with large storage pockets on either side and back of bag, you can pack your towels, keys, phone, wallet, Birdie Bag, Golden Retriever, etc. The PDGA Tournament Bag will easily hold 18 discs with the dividers in and just looks awesome. Pouch in front for your mini too!

Straps are Fade Gear WeatherGuard Backpack Straps: new $45

Fade Gear is known for their awesome disc golf bags, now you can carry your bag in style and comfort with the WeatherGuard Backpack Straps. Designed to distribute weight evenly on your shoulders, the Backpack style straps are sure to lighten your load. The padded shoulders and removable chest strap make these bag suspenders functional and comfortable.

Here's the best part...the Fade straps are equipped with a rain fly that can be pulled down over your bag to protect your little darlin's (your discs) from the elements. Not only does the WeatherGuard protect your discs, it slips around the bottom of your bag too, protecting your bag from mud and moisture. The rain cover can be removed for easy cleaning after those sloshy rounds.

Selling because I no longer need this large of a bag. I used it for one season and decided to downgrade. Email me with any

You selling it for $75? I might give you $50 for it...

i was asking $60


--- Quote from: Max Watson on August 03, 2012, 10:48:54 AM ---i was asking $60

--- End quote ---

I will think it over, I am going to DGW tonight for First Friday, going to look at some bags there....I got a small Innova bag and my discs can't fit in there anymore

im thinking this want very clear. it is both the bag and strap for $60. the new price is just what they are listed at and what i paid.


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