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Water Works trash duty has been taken care of tonight with the help of Peter Bures and some Boulevard Tank 7. Not sure who is keeping track of it, but it was pretty bad. Let me know if you guys want to get another work day going out there for this fall. I'll bring the beer!

Peter Bures:
Ian knows I'm easily bribed with beer.

Kevin Montgomery:
You guys Roc!!!   8)

Ken Franks:

--- Quote from: Kevin Montgomery on August 06, 2012, 10:14:28 PM ---You guys Roc!!!   8)

--- End quote ---

Ken Franks:
I was thinking about making a craiglist add for can collectors in town, to come out to our courses and collect all the cans they want. Might alleviate alot of trash and can collectors would make some good dough off disc golf courses!!! A bit scared they will leave all the other trash on the ground, so a little gun shy on this...

 Whats everyone think?


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