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8/9/12 Water Works Mini

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27 for golf on a cooler evening. Mid 80s with 10ish winds.

Murph made an appearance and won Open with a 51. Mark Mills took a night off work to come win Masters by three. Eddie C shot 61 in Advanced.

Frank Weaver accomplished two unusual things on his way to an even par. He had nothing but threes on his card. 18 of them. He also black aced 16 from 14 tee pad.  :P

Mini stats at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvgDHo9rqLOtdDN4aEo1UHFSZ1JRMU1JNkxDWGFYYWc#gid=0

Thanks for the beer and pizza Arturo!

Thanks for trash clean up Ian and Peter!

Thanks for moving pins Jamie!

Open (15)

Mike Murphy  51
Billy Nelson  52
Greg Utz  52
Adam Cossette  53
Jake Bowen  53
Frank Weaver  54
Nick Altieri  56
Kevin Corbett  57
Shane Caylor  57
Fred Fortson  59
Jay Cram  60
BJ Font  60
Fred Netherton  62
TJ Ring  64

Masters (9)

Mark Mills  54
Doug Kantro  57
Ted Keith  57
Jamie Barry  58
Mark Stiles  59
Jack Lowe  59
Ken Hostetler  62
Paul Mann  65
Rick Rothstein  67

Advanced (3)

Eddie C  61
Matt McClary  66
Mike Fenton  77

Ace Pool = $358

Mark Mills also being the lovely Buckeye fan that he is was kind enough to give me his bag tag! :P :P :P :-*

gracias to arturo cervezareal

Judging by the scoring, I assume Jake didn't hit #2 with the buzzzz haha

hahahahahahaha.....he didn't get there with a driver, and when I asked him about the Buzzz, he said, ok....then proceeded to throw it........


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