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Re: Anyone playing today?
« Reply #15 on: August 15, 2012, 10:56:50 AM »
No, just flip your disc over or use a different disc to mark your lie, no one will care and if they do, tell 'em to go kick rocks. :D

Just in case you might want to play in a tournament some day where the Rules of Disc Golf apply, you should know that you can leave the thrown disc where it is and play from behind it. Flipping a disc or using another disc to mark a lie is not legal.  This should not diminish your fun in any way. Also, establishing a routine for putting is important for becoming a very good, or even a great putter. Remember that putting will get through times of no driving better than driving will get you through times of no putting.

To complete my pedantry this morning, here's the rule:
After each throw, the thrown disc must be left where it came to rest until the lie is established by the placing of a marker. This can be done by placing a mini marker disc on the playing surface between the hole and the disc, directly in line with the hole, on the line of play, touching the thrown disc. A player may instead choose, without touching or repositioning the thrown disc, to use the thrown disc as the marker. The marker may not be moved until the throw is released. A marker inadvertently moved prior to the throw shall be returned to its correct location. For the rest of the marking your lie rule, visit:


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Re: Anyone playing today?
« Reply #16 on: August 15, 2012, 11:06:40 AM »
And if you like that, you will love the Rosedale Amateur Championship where Rick typically gives a solid breakdown on tournament rules, play and procedures.  It is slated for the 10/16/12 date, at........Rosedale!

But it is important to know that our league play is a little loose with the rules, and Keizer is correct that you needn't have a mini to play leagues.  If you are concerned, someone on your card will probably have an extra one they can give you!

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Re: Anyone playing today?
« Reply #17 on: August 15, 2012, 11:42:07 AM »
Yep, well aware of the official rules, just saying that no one at league would likely trip over a newbie marking their lie in honest, improvised fashion like that.