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Just wanted to give props to whoever (Peter?) was responsible for adding the new pin location to hole #4.

I walked up to the teepad and got pretty excited when I saw the normal pin was missing.  Hard to see from the pad, but the area behind the pin is now cleared out and it's set back deeper into the woods a bit which makes for a more interesting hole overall.


Are we to expect any more updates in the near future?   ;D

Peter Bures:
That pin on #4 has actually been there for nearly a year, but the grass was never cut to properly use it. It makes a great hole, as far as I'm concerned, not an easy 3 by any means. The 1st four holes at SMP can be set to be very very tough. If all 4 holes are set deep, getting through even would be an accomplishment.

Which brings me to Hole #1 and it's deep pin. There apparently was a setting back to the right for a while (I never played it), but was since mangled by the mower. Myself, Steve Timmesch, and Bill Massen from Parks and Rec put a stake back there to mark a new pin, as well as marking 8 more pins through out the course (9 total).

All of these new pin settings are deeper than any of the others, a few are about 500 feet. They should be put in soon (I was told this week), and I will post something when they are put in.

I hope that with some of these new pin settings, we can get some folks out to league again! We've had spotty numbers the last few weeks, including just 2 (including myself) yesterday!

This is great news Peter!  Thanks for your hard work. 

I had heard about that hole 1 placement as well, but like you had never experienced it so that will be a welcomed change and a tough three.  I look forward to seeing the rest of the pin locations.

That's unfortuate to hear about league turnout, but I think the same thing happened late in the summer last year.  I'm partially to blame, as I haven't been attending nearly as much as I did last year.  I had planned on coming out next Tuesday and will try to make it a point to show up more often.

Speaking of, isn't the ace fund over $500 still?  Come out and get some people!

Great news, and good work.  I love to hear that you working well with Bill, he is such a good guy to have in our corner for the sport out there!  Thanks again guys!

Peter Bures:
Adam raises a good point, our Ace fund is at $523, the 2nd highest after WyCo! (And I think we have more ace runs than WyCo :P)


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